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For Users

  1. Is TranQool available in my province?

    Currently, TranQool therapists are licensed in Ontario and can provide therapy in Ontario. Stay tuned, we will be launching outside of Ontario soon.

  2. What if I don’t live in Canada?

    At the moment TranQool is only available to Ontario residents. If you are an Ontario resident but are currently traveling outside of the country you can still use TranQool.

  3. What if I can’t attend my session?

    You have 24 hours to cancel or reschedule your session without any costs. If you can’t attend due to an emergency please email [email protected] and we can look into your case.

  4. What if I come late?

    As a user, you can join the session at anytime within the 50 minutes you have booked. The therapist will be there waiting for you.

  5. What are the limits of confidentiality?

    We transfer your basic information to your therapist. Your therapist will handle your personal health information and the session notes according to the regulations mandated by their college. This regulation mandates your information to be stored in a confidential manner. Nevertheless, your right to confidentiality is limited by law to ensure your safety under the following areas:

    • If you disclose that you are in imminent danger of doing serious harm to either yourself or another person. In such cases, your provider is mandated legally to intervene.
    • If you disclose that a person under 16 is being abused by yourself or another person, your therapist has to intervene.
    • If your therapist or his/her record is subpoenaed by a court.
    • If you disclose that you have been abused by another regulated health professional, your therapist is mandated to inform their regulatory body.
    • If your therapist is audited by their College, they have to comply with that audit.

    Your therapist will explain these limits of confidentiality according to their regulatory body.

  6. How do I update my personal information ?

    You can always update your information like your needs, email address, and your phone-number by going to your personal profile. Your account can be found on the top-right corner by clicking on the gear sign after you have logged-in.

  7. What if I’m unhappy with my therapist after my session?

    Just like in-person therapy, you have the choice of changing your therapist until you find one that you feel most comfortable with.

For Therapists

  1. How will I get paid?

    Therapists receive their payments on a monthly basis. Their payment is based on the number of sessions they have held. For more information email [email protected].

  2. How many referrals do I get from TranQool?

    This depends on your area of specialty, the languages you speak and your profile. Our matching algorithm suggests you to clients based on user’s needs, their preferred language and the province in which they reside.

  3. Does it cost to be a TranQool therapist?

    There is no subscription fee and it doesn’t cost to have a profile on TranQool. TranQool charges you a floating rate per session. This charge is for using the TranQool technology to see your clients. For more information, email [email protected].

  4. What are the steps to becoming a TranQool therapist?

    TranQool has a four step screening process,

    1. Providers fill in an application providing their basic information.
    2. TranQool holds a phone meeting with them to explain the business and get the introductory information from the provider.
    3. TranQool schedules a video interview with the providers during which the provider is asked questions mainly to gauge how they see being a therapist and their educations/ trainings on CBT.
    4. Therapists who pass the interview are asked to submit an e-version of their license with their College as well as proof of their insurance.

  5. What are the requirements for becoming a TranQool therapist?

    • Be registered with the College of Social Workers (i.e. RSW) or the College of Psychologists (i.e. C.Psych or C.Psych. Associate) of your province.
    • Have both academic and working experience in CBT and be familiar and comfortable with video communications.
    • Have general liability insurance to be able to provide services on TranQool as an independent professional.


  1. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept most credit cards as a form of payment.

  2. What can I do if my credit card is rejected?

    Try another card to pay for the session. If the card does not work, you can consider calling your bank.

  3. How can I get a refund?

    If you are eligible for a refund, you will be refunded on the credit card with which you made the payment. Please review the cancellation/refund policy in our terms of service.

  4. Is my credit card information secure?

    The payment and processing of your credit card is through Stripe. We don’t access or store your payment information. You may review Stripe’s policy for more information.

  5. How much do TranQool sessions cost?

    $140 for psychologists, and $90 for social workers.

Technical Troubleshooting

  1. What are the technical requirements to use TranQool?

    The following browsers can support TranQool video sessions:

    • For desktop browsers:
      • Google Chrome (latest release version)
      • Firefox (latest release version)
      • Internet Explorer 10 – 11 with the OpenTok Plugin for Internet Explorer (not supported in 64-bit mode)
      • Opera (latest release version)
      • JavaScript should be enabled on all browsers.
      • Currently, Safari is not a supported browser.
    • For mobile browsers:
      • Google Chrome for Android (latest release version)
      • Firefox for Android (latest release version)

  2. What are the bandwidth requirements for a high quality connection?

    Bandwidth requirements for :

    • Video: 300 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)
    • Audio: 50 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)