5 Ideas for Turning a Bad Day Around

My anxiety and depression can really weigh me down on a daily basis. Over the years I have done some research and tested some basic coping mechanisms. Sometimes all you need is a distraction, some exercise, or a good chat with a friend. So, how do you cope when a bad day is looming over your head? How do you turn a bad day around? I've put together a list of things that can help.

1. Adult Colouring Books

Colouring is extremely relaxing and therapeutic - set some time aside to let your inner artist come through and get creative! Chapters is full of colouring books of all shapes and styles, and once you see the finished product, you'll feel great!

2. Take a Time Out

Sometimes what your body needs is a break. Do whatever makes you happy - listen to music, practice yoga, go for a walk, play with your dog, meditate! My favourite thing to do when I'm feeling anxiety over-load is to cuddle with my dogs or practice yoga.

3. Phone a Friend

I know that social anxiety can make this a difficult one, but truthfully, once I'm on the phone with my best friend or grabbing a coffee with her, my anxiety fades away. Sometimes all you need is a good gab session, or a reminder that your support system loves and cares about you!

4. Journal

I started journaling a couple of years ago and it has changed my life! I have a simple system - I rate my mood on a scale of 1 to 10 and then I jot down a few notes about my day. It is great to get your thoughts out on paper because it clears your mind and reminds your brain that you no longer have to remember that thought because it is now somewhere permanent.

5. Don't Be so Hard on Yourself

At the end of the day, if you simply just need to feel your feelings, know that that is okay. Sometimes we need to feel our sadness and then move on. Don't be hard on yourself when you can't shake the feeling. It's human nature to have emotional responses!