TranQool Stands With Guelph University Students

In light of the current suicides and stories from the University of Guelph TranQool has decided to donate 20 sessions for students to see registered therapists from home this week. This effort supports TranQool's mission of providing all Canadians with access to affordable therapy. We strongly believe that the impact of speaking against the stigma of therapy and mental health is amplified when students are given an alternative means of access. We want the students to know that they in addition to the campus efforts to help student's mental health they have access to TranQool.

On #BellLetsTalk day we pledged to donate free sessions to those on hospital waitlists but we are now opening these free sessions up to University of Guelph students. We are also pledging to match donations for up to $1000 to help our inspiring TranQool ambassadors at Guelph University provide access and resources to the students. We want to ensure that every Guelph student knows that there is always help available. We stand with you.

If you are a student or know a student who wants to access this offer please email us: [email protected] Link to GoFundMe campaign.