The Power Of Celebrity Mental Health Stories

Celebrities today are more connected to their fans than ever before and it is crucial for them to take advantage of this direct line of communication. Social media is more than a way for celebrities to share what they're having for lunch or their beauty routine. These channels of communication allow for celebrities to talk about real issues because despite all the glamour they are real people.

Why is it important?

With mental health issues on the rise something must be done to ensure people are getting the help they need. People of influence speaking up can be as important and policy changes and increased funding. The truth of the matter is, while policy and funding take care of the people who are seeking help, far too many suffer in silence. This is where celebrities hold a lot of power, they can break down the stigma. Celebrities speaking out about their mental wellbeing is more than just a trendy thing to do. Simply look at the comments from their devoted fans. In every case there has been not only an outpouring of support but also a flood of messages thanking the celebrity for giving the fan the confidence to seek help.

From Demi Lovato, who has dedicated her career to changing views surrounding mental health, to Chrissy Teigen who has spoken openly about her battle with postpartum depression, celebrities have demonstrated the impact they can have. The unprecedented reach that celebrities have empowers them to change lives. Even beyond that there is an important message behind those that many of us idolize being open about their mental health. When people who appear to 'have it all' talk about their depression or other mental health issues, it drives home the point that mental illness can impact anyone. It destroys the concept that mental illness only presents in one way.

Seeing a celebrity speak about their mental health struggles can also destroy the feelings of guilt that many people have about their mental health. This guilt comes from the thought that there are many people in the world who have it worse than they do so they shouldn't complain. So thank you to all the celebrities who have spoken out about their mental health struggles. Thank you for giving people the courage to seek help and for normalizing mental health issues. If you are struggling please never be afraid to reach out, services like TranQool allow you to access quality mental health care from the comfort of home.

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