Tea: The Mental Health Super Drink

As a tea lover, you will rarely see me at school or at work without a cup of tea. There are so many mental health benefits to this drink that it has become my go to beverage! Not only does tea taste great, but it is a healthy, feel good-for-you beverage that should be part of your lifestyle. According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, there are four ways that drinking tea can be beneficial to your mental health.

1. Tea is good for your body and brain

Tea has been proven to not only help with weight loss, but can also improve attention and feelings of alertness.

2. Tea can create an alert or calm state of mind

It's not a surprise that caffeinated tea can give you a jump start to your day. However, depending on the tea that you drink, it can also calm you down. A good cup of Chamomile tea can help calm anxiety, settle stomachs, ease insomnia or aid in improving other mental health issues.

3. Tea can improve cognition and memory

Tea contains theanine, a psychoactive amino acid that is almost unique to tea. Although the effects are not as documented on the web as caffeine, there are multiple studies connecting it with enhanced cognitive performance. Other research has shown that green tea helps slow the decline in age-related functions in the brain. There is a natural component in green tea that may help develop a cure for Alzheimer’s disease! How fascinating is that?!?

4. Tea soothes stress

When I’m stressed, I always make myself a cup of hot tea with a spoonful of honey. Just holding the hot cup, warms my soul and improves my mental health. Theanine, is not only responsible for improving cognition and memory, it also causes the brain to exhibit more a-waves (an indicator of relaxation without drowsiness). Now that you’ve learned more about the mental health benefits of this super drink, where in Toronto can you get a good cup of hot tea? A place that I highly recommend is Infuse Cafe, located in the heart of Toronto. They use a super high tech brewer that vacuums out the air, fills the space with water, which allows more flavour to infuse into the water creating a high quality cup of tea. Not only that, but the majority of their tea is organic and fair trade; which means you will feel great drinking tea and it is also great for the environment.