Recovery Is Never A Straight Line

The journey to recovery starts with asking for help, maybe even before knowing what exactly you need help with. The assumption is that once we realize the need for help and raise our hands things will immediately start to get better. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Recovery is hard, but it is possible. Don't mistake this as a post turning you away from recovery. Rather, I would like to argue that it is the very fact that recovery is hard that makes it work. 

Asking for help is a challenge, it comes with shame, guilt and a whole host of other emotions. Regardless of how hard it is to ask for help in the first place, the road that is ahead is even more challenging. Recovery, by its nature, is not a straight line. You will might face doctors who brush off your issues and loved ones who simply don't understand and won't bother trying to. Recovery will show you who is important in your life and will teach you skills you never thought you could possess. After all, if you cannot fight the health care system how will you fight every battle ahead? If you cannot find your voice to stand up to a doctor or loved one, how will you find it to stand up to your inner demons?

The recovery process is an exercise in strength. Life comes with challenges and the recovery process is the first step of learning to face them. If the recovery process were easy, you would fall apart when the next wave of depression hit, or the next major life change. Recovery only works because it is one of the greatest challenges you will ever face.

Through recovery you find who you want to be and what is important to you. The process teaches you more about yourself than any experience ever could. The clich├ęd phrase "nothing worth having is easy and nothing easy is worth having" sounds to me like it was written about recovery. To all of you who are considering getting help, are fighting for help, or who are anywhere else on this journey I encourage you to keep going. There is a stronger you waiting for you somewhere in the future and every day you get one day closer to them.