Rachel's Letter To TranQool

We at TranQool, are motivated every day by the fact that we are positively impacting people's lives. Knowing that we have helped people improve their mental well-being helps us to stay focused on our goals. Thank you Rachel for sharing your TranQool experience and keeping us motivated!

I was looking to gain access to therapists whenever I needed them, whether it be once a month or during an emergency situation. With TranQool, I was always able to find a time with my therapist that fit my needs. They were always available and extremely accessible. They worked with my limitation of finding time between work, and eliminated the burden of commuting and waiting time to go see a regular therapist in office. My experience has been amazing so far with TranQool and I have already recommended it to others twice :).

The best part has been finding a therapist that works best for my needs, always fits into my schedule, and truly cares about my personal growth and well being.

She is able to discuss my needs in a sensitive way and is always willing to work with me on finding the best solutions and actionable items to use after I am done my session. I enjoy the fact that TranQool makes it easy to connect with a therapist anytime, anywhere! If I have a long day at work, I can come home and connect with my therapist during after-work hours. This makes it convenient for me to always fit personal development into my busy life. I once had an emergency situation where I needed to contact my therapist right away. I was able to get in contact with her right away and she found time quickly to see me through TranQool.

I would have NEVER been able to get that type of service and absolute care for my well being from any other therapy service.

They would have told me to wait until they could find the next available time to schedule me in like I am some number on a massive list of people who are prioritized before me. I also appreciate the fact that the process for picking a great therapist is quick, easy and effective with just a couple of questions. If you are open to exploring alternatives that are flexible and allow for instant satisfaction, you will put all of your trust into the technology and matching system.

TranQool not only makes the whole therapist process easy, but it also eliminates a lot of the barriers and stigma around seeing a therapist.

Your sessions can be done within the comfort of your own home, in private, with all interactions happening only between you and your therapist. You don't need to be seen walking into a therapists office, worry about being judged in the waiting room or figure out how you will ask for permission from your parents. As long as you have your own source of payment and access to a computer, the process to connect with a therapist is private and easy. I have been to therapy, many times before. Therapy is something that I heavily encourage people to adopt to improve their mental well being and is something I have always had in my life. What truly made this experience different was the ability to get access instantly with qualified, pre-screened therapists that were a right fit for me.

Rachel (Mississauga)