5 Tips For Overcoming Your Internship Anxiety

It's your very first day on a brand new internship. You're sitting in a room filled with faces that you don't recognize. You take a deep breath and open your laptop. The notebook beside you is filled with notes that you've jotted down in the morning meeting with your new boss. Suddenly, the screen starts to blur and it feels like the room is collapsing in. It's normal to feel anxious when you're in a new role and facing a lot of pressure. Here are a few tips that I found helpful when dealing with my anxiety while on my internship.

Mistakes are all part of an internship.

Nobody expects you to be always on your 'A' game. An internship is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and grow. Everyone before you has probably made similar mistakes and will be happy to guide you. The important thing is to focus on how you can improve and not make the same error again.

Don't ever doubt your own abilities.

It can be easy to start doubting yourself when you're surrounded by talented individuals. But it's important to remember that whoever hired you sees that you have the talent and the ability to succeed. The reason that you were hired is because they could see that you are capable and have something to offer to them. Be proud of your accomplishments, lift your head up high, and attack the challenges head on.

Being organized can help you feel less anxious.

I can't stress this enough but having a to-do list or checklist helps you feel more prepared. It also helps you organize how to get through each work day and allows you to focus better. In my opinion, the act of crossing off a completed task is such a rewarding feeling.

Be open with your feelings with your internship supervisor.

They are your supervisor for a reason! Don't be afraid to ask them for guidance because they probably have experienced the exact same thing as you when they first started out. They may be your supervisor but by letting them know of your feelings, they can be there to help you and reassure you whenever you're feeling anxious.

It's okay to take a break.

Sometimes it may seem that there are too many things on your plate and that you don't deserve a break. But trust me, taking a break can do wonders. Even getting up from your work station and getting a cup of water can not only clear your head but also allow new ideas to come into your mind. Take a sip of water or a walk and let your brain refresh. The creative juices will come rushing in again! These are a few tips that have helped me feel less anxious while being an intern. Feel free to comment below some other tips that you feel would help others get through internship anxiety!