Marilyn's Letter To TranQool

I originally heard about TranQool from my daughter. She encouraged me to try the service because she knew that I was struggling with some issues with friends and family and she thought it may help. I had gone through some therapy in the past but never cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). My previous therapy was helpful, however, I didn't receive the tools to allow me to change the narrative of my life.

My experience with TranQool and my therapist has been quite different, we do talk but then she also gives me homework. This requires me to apply what we do in session in my day-to-day life. I have found that it makes no difference that you are not sitting in an office. Actually, it's so convenient that I pick a day and time and sit in the comfort of my own home. No hassle.

My therapist is so lovely and compassionate and really "gets" me. If I could tell people one thing I would tell them that everyone could use a little therapy, you don't have to have a mental health concern. With the stressful world we live in, it's good to speak with a professional, even for a mental tune up. I would whole heartedly recommend TranQool to others... And I have.