Lorena's Letter To TranQool

My family recommended TranQool to me when I was dealing with a stressful time at work. I didn't know about online therapy prior to TranQool but I knew how expensive and difficult in person therapy could be. So, when I was told about TranQool and how it was different, I didn't think about it twice. TranQool's platform and service met my expectations and I found the process very quick and easy. I had the ability to choose my therapist from a wide selection of available therapists, including several who were suggested specifically for me. The fact that I could browse the therapists for free made me feel like I had the freedom to choose the right therapist for me.  It is very important to keep looking for the right match! The fact that I could reach out to a real person whenever I needed to, almost in real time, was amazing! My therapist and the TranQool customer service team were also amazingly accommodating when I needed to change an appointment. I would definitely say that TranQool is the best tool to get immediate help if you are going through a tough time or if you just need to talk to someone. The sessions are confidential and sometimes we all just need to stop holding back. Go for it, there is nothing to lose. I hope by sharing my experience, I will be able to help others get support through TranQool.

- Lorena