Lindsay's Letter To TranQool

We love hearing stories about how TranQool has impacted people's lives. For Lindsay, the affordability of TranQool and the flexibility it provides made it so much easier for her to access therapy. Thank you Lindsay for sharing your story with us!

When I first found TranQool I was looking to manage my anxiety while attending post secondary school full time. A counsellor from my college recommended TranQool to use over the Christmas break. Once I began using the service I decided to continue because of the convenience of scheduling appointments and the affordability. I had done traditional therapy before but found that TranQool was different because of the affordability of the service. For my needs I found TranQool to be better than seeing someone in person. I remember a time that, in order to accommodate my busy schedule as a full-time student - with a part-time job - I was able to have one of my sessions from a study room while on campus. The time I saved by not having to take the TTC to an appointment was a huge benefit; with TranQool my appointments are wherever I am. My favorite thing about TranQool is the convenience of being able to speak with a counsellor from the comfort of my home. Overall, I have had a wonderful experience with TranQool. It's easy to schedule appointments on their website and find a counsellor that works for me. Additionally, during my first session I had issues logging in and TranQool was excellent about refunding the cost of the session and troubleshooting the problem over the phone. I would recommend TranQool to friends or family, and I already have! I really think people should be aware of how easy it is to use and the affordability of the service.

- Lindsay from Toronto