Katrin And Hailey's Letters To TranQool

While the TranQool team is always busy we always take a moment to read the letters from our customers. It is these notes that remind us what it's all about. Our customers help us stay focused and motivated so we can continue helping people. Thank you Katrin and Hailey for sharing your TranQool experiences.

Katrin's Letter

What I like most about TranQool is the fact that I can access it from anywhere I want and it's very affordable. When I began therapy I really was looking to find different strategies to eliminate negative thoughts and break negative thinking cycles. Initially, I was skeptical about online therapy but after trying it out and talking to my therapist I realized that there really is no need to worry. My overall experience with TranQool has been very positive! I instantly clicked with the first therapist I tried and now see her regularly. TranQool has been particularly helpful for me when I was traveling and would not have been able to see my therapist is person otherwise. It really works from anywhere. I have already recommended TranQool to my friends and some of them have tried it too! It's an affordable and very convenient way to get into the habit of talking to a therapist where some people might be too intimidated or hesitant to see one in person.

Most importantly, you don't need to leave your house. You can talk to somebody while being in the familiar environment of your home.

- Katrin (Toronto, Ontario)

Hailey's Letter

I chose TranQool over traditional counselling is because I'm a recent grad and wouldn't have been able to afford regular face to face therapy. Plus, I can do this from my own home which makes it easy on my crazy work hours. As someone with anxiety, it's comfortable to get the help I need in such an accessible way. TranQool has given me the tools for my everyday experiences and allows me to focus on the positives in life. Hard decisions have become easier to analyze and hard times have become easier to get through, just a friendly face is all you need sometimes! - Hailey (Toronto, Ontario)