How To Make A Bad Day A Little Better

Whether you are living with a mental illness or not, everyone is bound to face a bad day once in a while. It will be difficult and never ending, no doubt. That said, how you approach your bad day determines how you will get through it. Personally, I have a handful of tools that I keep in my back pocket and use to conquer  these dreadful days. For me, organization works best. I am an anxious person so I feel that if my life is in order, I can the begin to find order in my mind. What works for you might be different, which is why it's important to experiment and see what feels right. This list does not promise to completely turn your day around, but hopefully you can find one or two things that you discover work for you.

1. What’s your favourite food? Eat it!

2. Make your bed, this will deter you from getting back in it and make you feel more organized

3. Listen to music that you love or update your music library

4. Watch hilarious videos (baby animals or stand up comedy are highly recommended)

5. Make a list of some of your accomplishments

6. Get outside! Walk, bike, run…just move!

7. Do something productive…homework, clean, organize, groceries, laundry?

8. Call or email someone you haven’t spoken to in a while

9. Find a dog. Play with the dog. (This is guaranteed to help)

10. Finally, if all else fails, take a shower and wash off all the negativity… tomorrow is a new day

Your list might look completely different, but the point is, instead of dwelling on the negative, tell yourself, “I’m having a bad day, it’s okay to have a bad day and I’m going to make my bad day a little bit better by doing these things for me”.