Maintaining Your Healthy Lifestyle During The Holidays

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle anytime of the year can be difficult but it becomes especially hard during the holidays. The holidays mean we are surrounded by family, friends, and a lot of temptation. There's a ton of delicious looking food, lots of events and parties, and a departure from your normal routine, which can all be significant obstacles in staying healthy. Whether your healthy lifestyle focuses on proper nutrition, keeping active, or both here are a few tips that will help you stick to it during the holidays.

1. Exercise in the morning

With so many events and family dinners during the holidays it can be difficult to stick to your exercise routine. One thing that can help is to exercise in the morning. This will help you from getting sidetracked by your list of holiday to-dos. By exercising in the morning you will also start your day off feeling strong and energized.

2. Start with your veggies

When all of our favorite foods are on the table it can be very difficult to avoid temptation. Starting your meal by eating the veggies will help you fill up on healthy food before reaching for some treats. This way you wont overeat when it comes to some less healthy holiday favorites. This trick is great for making sure you don't feel deprived of your favorites and don't feel guilty for overindulging. (not that you should ever feel guilty for eating)

3. Offer to cook a healthy dish

By offering to cook a healthy dish for any dinner you are attending you will not only be an awesome guest but will also ensure you have something to eat. When you cook the food you can know exactly what is in it and if it is aligned with your goals.

4. Be realistic

The holidays should be fun. If you are very committed to your health goals it may be upsetting to deviate from them but understand that it's just a few days. Don't beat yourself up about any food you eat, or workouts you miss. There is always tomorrow and every day after that. If you're feeling particularily stressed about any aspect of the holidays now is the time to reach out and get the support you need.