Gifts of Time Are Greater Than Gifts of Money

As the snow falls on the ground, it cues time for sleigh bells jingling and the holiday season. While this holiday season is coming to a close I want you to go into 2017 with a new perception of gift giving whether it be Christmas or a birthday gift. Taking a moment to reflect on this holiday season I have realized something important.

The Commercial Concept of Gift Giving

After conversing with my friends in University on a student budget, they would agree with the statement that "gift-giving is becoming more of a chore then something fun". But why has Christmas become so stressful for people? I believe one of the reasons is people get caught up in the traditional commercial thought of Christmas. Ever since I was little, movies and books have made me believe that the amount of materialistic presents was important. The concept of receiving presents was what defined Christmas. I have come to realize, however, that although receiving these kind of gifts are nice, gifts of time are the most valuable ones.

Giving Gifts of Time

Instead of buying a material gift for someone, think about gifts of time that you can purchase with the same value. For example, instead of buying your sibling that iPad switch them for concert tickets to his/her favourite band. The concert will create meaningful memories that you guys will look back on. If you are on a strict budget, there are so many inexpensive gifts that will have an impact. For example you could spend the afternoon cooking or baking with your best friend and then eating all the delicious food. You could take your nieces and nephews skating instead of buying them the newest toy.

Less Stress, More Memories

By removing the financial stress of gift giving you can enjoy the joy it brings you to make someone you love happy. Giving gifts of time can help relieve stress, and create a stronger bond between the giver + receiver. Another example is, instead of buying each individual family member a gift, try to learn a new skill as a family. Sign up for classes that you can do together such as painting or cooking. The next time you are creating a present wish-list for a birthday or holiday consider gifts of time! Remember meaningful memories created through these kinds of gifts. The best part is memories created can never be replaced nor bought for any price.