The Future Of Insomnia Treatment

Roughly 40% of Canadians will experience a sleep disorder at some point in their lives. The majority of these people never receive treatment for their sleeping issues. Instead, they suffer with weakened immune systems, higher risk of heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In short, sleep is pretty important and yet most people aren't getting enough. We have written before about how you can get better sleep but new studies show that there may be even more help available than before.

Web-Based CBT-I

Enter a recent study on web-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. While CBT-I (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia) has long been the treatment of choice for sleeping disorders, very few therapists are trained in this specific form of CBT. If you don't happen to live near a therapist with this speciality, you are out of luck. Alternatively, you have to spend significant time and money commuting to get treatment. The barriers that people with sleep disorders face are incredibly high and therefore many do not receive adequate help. Web-based CBT-I is the solution to this problem, with services such as TranQool, users can access qualified specialists regardless of where they live. By providing CBT-I through secure video calls, TranQool has been able to make it accessible to everyone. This results in higher utilization of existing specialists and reduction in barriers for sleep disorder sufferers. The effectiveness of CBT-I through web based platforms has been well supported and documented in several studies. In the most recent study, cited above, 69.7% of those who were treated with self-guided, web-based CBT-I reported significant improvements in their sleep. Web-based CBT is the wave of the future for treating those with sleep disorders! If you are not sleeping well consider trying a platform like TranQool and improve your sleep.