Drake, You Could Have Done Better

Drake is undoubtably among the most beloved of Canadian celebrities in recent memory. His recent lyrics in Two Birds, One Stone, which are allegedly directed at Kid Cudi; however, have left many rightfully upset. We have seen the impact celebrities can have by being open about their mental health struggles. In the past Kristen Bell, Amanda Seyfried and even The Rock have spoke openly about the challenges of everything from anxiety to obsessive compulsive disorder and depression. By speaking out they have encouraged others who suffer to talk about their struggles and get help.

More recently, Kid Cudi checked himself into rehab for depression and suicidal urges. The internet reacted with a flood of support, even creating the #yougoodman to support Black men speaking out about mental health issues. With so much support for Kid Cudi, especially among other rap artists, it was shocking to see such a negative response from Drake. Here are some of our suggestions on how Drake could have handled himself better in his new song Two Birds, One Stone, and supported his own fans who struggle with mental health issues. Here are the lyrics and our revised versions and commentary:

"You were the man on the moon"

This seems to reference Kid Cudi as he has had not one but two solo albums titles 'Man on The Moon' and one other that references the moon.

"Now you just go through your phases"

This line hits home, many people have had their mental health struggles disregarded as just a phase. Drake could have said here: "Now you're going through a rough time"

"Life of the angry and famous"

With a more supportive general message to the song this line could be read as Drake saying, "as a fellow celebrity I get it" so I will leave it like this.

"Rap like I know I'm the greatest Then give you the tropical flavors Still never been on hiatus"

The above lines are typical of the genre which relies on bragging and male bravado. While typical of rap, the connotation of these lines is that Kid Cudi is weak for needing to step away. Drake could have said something along the lines of: "Rap like I know I'm the greatest But I'm insecure behind the 'We Made Its' It's cool you need the hiatus"

"You stay xann'd and perk'd up So when reality set in, you don't gotta face it"

These lines once again call Kid Cudi weak for not being able to handle his emotions while also accusing him of abusing Xanax and Percocet. Instead Drake could have been more supportive and less critical: "You don't have to numb yourself Buddy I am here to face it with you" Drake, you could have done so much better for your genre, your city, and your fans.

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