Do This 1 Thing : To Reduce Depression Symptoms

To Reduce #Depression Symptoms: Get Your Morning Boost

We’ve all heard this before “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Yet many of us skip breakfast and just grab a coffee/tea before starting our days. By starting the day on an empty stomach, we force our body to draw fuel from its energy reserves. The morning rush behaviour produces stress hormones that leave us tired, irritable and unable to absorb information. What you eat for breakfast matters as well. The more balance the breakfast the more balance our brain function. There are two types of proteins that affect neurotransmitters; one makes us alert and the other makes us calm. Complex carbohydrates and proteins can help move the right proteins to the brain making us alert and calm. Some examples include oatmeal, banana, cheese, yogurt and nuts.

So your 1 thing to do today? Plan an extra 15 minute every day to make breakfast for yourself. You can even prepare the night before if you’re not a morning person. JUST DO IT!