Do This 1 Thing: To Reduce Stress

To Reduce Stress: Take a Walk in The Park

Shinrin-yoku is the act of walking or staying in a forest to enhance your wellbeing, a common therapeutical tradition in Japan. Recent studies of these traditions have shown that exposure to nature and green forests reduce depression and stress levels. The level of perceived liveliness increases after a person has spent time in a forrest and their stress levels reduce significantly. Now, this doesn't mean that going off to a forrest can treat someone's depression or severe stress but it can surely help reduce the symptoms. Many of us live in cities with little or no access to a forest or large greenery but maybe we're a train ride away from one. Even if access to greenery is not feasible, indoor plants can be an alternative. Even having a few indoor plants can help reduce stress levels.

So your 1 thing to do today? Plan a day trip to a nearby park or forest. If you walk by a florist today, buy yourself a plant and take it home.  JUST DO IT!