Do This 1 Thing: To Reduce Social Anxiety

To Reduce Social Anxiety: Journal your triggers

When someone mentions the name of a city, we immediately think of a single entity that presents that city to us. Cities are filled with many single individuals that together make up the facade of the towns and streets of that city. Each with different traits that build their characters. Each person with their own way of living, sleeping habits and routines. When you are living with any disorder, it's important to invest the time to understand yourself and your traits. Social anxiety can have different ways of manifesting itself and it's critical to know YOUR social anxiety. What are the situations that trigger your anxiety, cause you to blush or bring out your avoidance behaviour. It could happen when you are around certain people, at locations that intimidate you or just the timing doesn't work for you. whatever it is that is causing you to feel anxious it's important to understand your trigger  and all the little details of you type of social anxiety.

So your 1 thing to do today? create a 3 columned table in your journal of "time", "situation" (include place & people), and your "symptoms" (both emotional and physical symptoms). Do you get anxious when you're at a work event or when you go out to the bar with a certain crowd of people? No matter the type you are, figure that out. JUST DO IT!