Do This 1 Thing: To Reduce Social Anxiety Symptoms

To Reduce #SocialAnxiety: Confront your fears

Social anxiety is caused by past experiences, biological traits, thinking styles and unrealistic expectations. A common reaction to situations that give us anxiety is avoidance. People who experience social anxiety are more comfortable avoiding some situations than facing them. Although that might help the immediate situation it doesn’t help in the long term. By not facing situations that scare us, we don’t give ourselves the chance to prove how we can cope. Getting exposed to situations that scare us is not easy, but if we start with the less intimidating ones we can prove, to ourselves, how strong we really are.

So your 1 thing to do today? Create a list of situations that cause you anxiety and give each situation a number from 0 (no anxiety) to 10 (severe anxiety). Rewrite the list and rank them in order of severity. Expose yourself to the easiest situation and move up the list . Take it slow but JUST DO IT!