Do This 1 Thing: To Relieve Anxiety

To Relieve #Anxiety: Challenge Your Thoughts

Anxiety is caused by past experiences, biological traits, thinking styles and unrealistic expectations. By challenging your negative thoughts, you realize how unrealistic they are. Many of us have told ourselves that we are failures or that people feel a certain way about us. A thinking style, also called a thinking bias, is like a framework within which our brain functions.  Thinking styles include Fortune-Telling ( "I know a bad thing will happen to me"), Mind-Reading ("people think I’m boring"), Catastrophizing ("I will never find another job") and Personalizing ("everyone is judging me and my body"). Challenge these thoughts and think about how real they are.

So your 1 thing to do today? Write down your negative thoughts and rate how real they are. Try to find what thinking style you follow and challenge the thoughts with reminders of times you have overcome those thoughts. JUST DO IT!