Do This 1 Thing : To Increase Productivity

To Increase #Productivity: Stop Multitasking

It's ironic to think that multitasking can waste our time instead of saving us any. Regardless of our state of mind and mental health, multitasking will make it more difficult to concentrate and get things done. Psychologists have found that the brain's executive control has two stages. One of the stages is called "goal shifting", where we decide to do one thing over another. The second stage is "rule activation", where we turn-on rules for one thing and turn-off the rules for another. These stages allow us to seamlessly switch between tasks.  Small mental blocks created due to changing tasks can cost 40% of someone‚Äôs productive time. This drive for achieving more and doing more in a given day leaves us with no choice other than multitasking. But let's try to fight this urge and stay focused on the task at hand.

So your 1 thing to do today? Give single-tasking a try today. Go about your day while minimizing multitasking. JUST DO IT!