Do This 1 Thing: To Be Happier

To be happier: Make or view art

As a student, things like homework or school seem like a better use of time than painting or going to an art gallery. However, research has shown that making and viewing art can actually make you happier! Viewing art is pleasurable and it activates regions in the brain that deal with rewards. Frequent art making may decrease anxiety and depression. This is primarily because making art requires complete concentration, similar to yoga and meditation, which have also been shown to have positive mental health benefits. Art allows us to better understand and express our feelings. Release some pent-up emotions, be more self-aware, and communicates our feelings; all of which contribute to our happiness.

So your 1 thing to do today? Make or view some art. Whether it's going through Google's art and culture project and virtual museums or actually visit some art galleries in your city, JUST DO IT!