How Close Is Too Close?

TranQool started because we realized that the market for therapy is not working efficiently. Consumers (clients) have a hard time finding an accredited therapist whom they can trust. At the same time, some therapists are struggling to market themselves and reach out to new clients. The fact that a lot of clients are working 9-5 is not helping either. There is a limited number of after-work appointments therapists can offer. We recognized these challenges and designed TranQool around them to change this market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design a secure, efficient, and easy to use marketplace for our clients and therapists. We have made the market secure by using encryption technology and abiding to privacy laws. The design of the platform follows service design concept and is user-friendly. But what really makes the market work efficiently? The answer is good match-making and smart resource allocation. That's why we are interested in better understanding the client-therapist relationship.

The Client-Therapist Relationship

What are the elements of the relationship? What makes it work and what makes it fail? What makes a therapist the “right therapist” for a client? What are the boundaries of that relationship? How we can translate the in-person therapy experience to the online world? To begin answering some of these questions, I reached out to one of our advisors, Dr. Sanjay Rao. He is a well-regarded psychiatrist and a university prof at The University of Ottawa. He has a wealth of field and research experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). What is truly special about him is his passion for technology and innovation. He has been involved in several really successful tech-driven platforms in Canada and the UK.

In this interview, we try to answer some of the above-mentioned questions. If you are a service provider you will find this interview informative. For those of you who have tried different therapists to find "the one", you may experience some aha moments. If you have no experience with therapy you may want to read article 1 and article 2 before watching this video. Please leave your comments below. I want to know what are some of the questions you have about the nature of this delicate relationship.