To The Canadian Mental Health Community

We are honoured and humbled that TranQool has been selected as a finalist for the Canadian Startup Awards in the social impact category. We owe this success to our great service providers and want to use this as an opportunity to thank them for helping us to make mental healthcare accessible. TranQool has a simple mission that permeates every aspect of our social venture. We want high quality therapy to be accessible to every single Canadian regardless of how busy they are, where they live, or their income.

We recognize that on our platform, the user’s experience is highly dependant on the quality of service they receive from their therapist. That’s why we have developed an in depth, four-step screening process to ensure the quality of our service providers. We also understand the importance of the right fit between client and therapist and have developed a matching algorithm that handpicks a selection of our providers based on the users’ preferences and needs.

The willingness by Canadian mental health providers to collaborate has been inspiring. Our mission has been well received by them and the community has rallied behind us in to achieve our goals. We want to thank everyone who has joined us on our mission and encourage those have not joined yet, to apply. Our therapists share our vision with and work with us to make a social impact. We are always growing our team and looking for like-minded providers to join us. People who understand the value of joining TranQool although our rates are lower than the market rate. Providers who love TranQool not in spite of the fact that we offer affordable therapy but rather because of it. Those who don’t see us as competing with their private practice and understand that our mission is to increase the number of people who seek help. Providers who are willing to offer their under-utilized hours to those in need at zero overhead cost.

The belief that lower fees increase access to high quality psychological services is at the very core of TranQool’s mission. Although the hourly rate paid to our therapists is less than what they might currently bill in private practice, therapists working through TranQool have no overhead costs or travel time (therapists can work from home), and the fees paid to therapists are close to (or higher) than many therapists currently earn in public institutions or working as associates in privately funded clinics. Join TranQool and see how we’ve made therapy so easy for you. Your TranQool clients will appreciate your service and you will be able to boost your income in the easiest way possible.

We have created a great community of people and we can’t wait for you to join!