Beating the Test-Taking Anxiety

With exam season just around the corner, your test-taking anxiety might be creeping back in. Try these tips to get your nerves under control.

Be Prepared

Feeling unprepared is one of the leading causes for test-taking anxiety. Avoid feeling overwhelmed the night before by developing good study habits throughout the year. Studying in small increments throughout the year is more effective and less stressful than cramming in one study session. It will also leave you with enough time to try past exams before taking the real deal.

Stay Healthy

During the exam season, it's so easy to cut down on quality sleep and go crazy on the junk food. But in reality, this will  physically and emotionally exhaust  you. This will, in turn, compromise your ability to concentrate and absorb new material. Being drained out will also make it much harder to cope with stress and anxiety. So make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthy, and exercise to tackle on this stressful exam season!

Walk in Confident

Fake it till you make it. It doesn't matter how nervous you are, walk into the test room with confidence. It helps to remind yourself that you're ready and that you've studied hard. In fact, it helps to visualize yourself acing this exam. But remember, failure is NOT the end of the world. It's simply another learning experience. Besides, that's what we're all here for: to learn and to grow.