Do This 1 Thing: To Be Happier

We are constantly surrounded by images of gorgeous happy people whether is be on social media or in advertising. It is human nature to look at these pictures and compare ourselves and our lives. This habit, however, is responsible for a lot of criticism and unhappiness. In order to be happier you must stop comparing your lives to others. This can be incredibly difficult when these images are hard to escape.

How To Be Happier

Set aside social media free time each day. Whether that means staying off your phone when you get home or choosing activities where you won't be bombarded with these images. Taking time to yourself can help you appreciate your own amazing qualities that make you unique. Try making time for reading, baking, cooking, or learning a new skill.

It is also important to remember that the images you are seeing are just a snapshot of a person's life. What people choose to share on social media are the best representations of their lives. All the images you see are highly contrived to fit an ideal. While many of us are already aware of this, it can be hard to step back and consider this fact in the moment. By remembering this it will be easier to avoid comparing yourself to what you see. You are special and beautiful in your own way and so in order to be happier stop comparing yourself to others.