How To Avoid Procrastinating This Semester

Studying can be a daunting task and for those that hate to be alone - it can be torture. It can be so intimidating that we push it off to the last minute. The thought of sitting alone in our room and tackling difficult material can be frightening. So to avoid procrastinating we recommend stepping outside your room and studying around others. Depending on the type of person you are, this may be very useful. There are two ways to do this: you could study alone but in a public place or study with a group of friends.

Study Alone in Public

If you can't focus when you are with friends but your desk at home is too silent, try going somewhere else. I recommend going to the library and studying in a quiet zone or to a cafe. This really depends on your tolerance for outside noise. Either way, go where there are people around. There's a comfort in knowing you are not alone even if you aren't technically with anyone.

Study With Friends

Alternatively if you are able to, try to work with friends in your program. Even if the course doesn't require discussion, you'll be surprised in the comfort another person can provide. Humans are social beings and there's nothing wrong with studying with your friends. For some it may be a bit harder to focus, but for others it can provide the right level of balance to avoid procrastinating. You can also use headphones to keep yourself focused on your task at hand. Remember "work really hard to get good grades, and work even harder to make it the least impressive thing about you." In essence, your grades won't define who you are if you work towards something greater.