Anne's Letter to TranQool

TranQool's team is growing but what keeps us grounded is reading the stories and letters we receive from our users. Thank you for sharing your TranQool experience with us Anne.

I heard about TranQool on Twitter. One of the people that I follow had mentioned it. I took a look at the website way back before it was even active and submitted my email address to let them know I was interested. The most appealing thing about TranQool is that I don't have to leave the house to get help. That is great, especially if I am having a bad day and really don't want to even get out of bed. I can be in comfortable clothes sitting in my own house and don't have to brave any weather to speak with my counsellor. Also, I love that the counsellors' schedules are flexible. I can have an appointment at just about any time of the day, or even on the weekend.

The most appealing thing about TranQool is that I don't have to leave the house to get help.

I was worried initially worried about the quality of therapy on video and the quality of the counsellors but after looking at the profiles of most of the counsellors working through TranQool, I saw that they were as qualified, and sometimes more qualified, than people I have seen in person. I also like that each counsellor writes a little paragraph about why they like to help people. Aside from a few minor technical glitches, my experience with TranQool has been excellent. I'm not sure if it was luck or fate, but my counsellor is just the person that I need. She has been wonderful to talk to and has taken the time to help me figure out why I have some of the feelings that I do.

I was quite anxious during our last session, because of the subject we were discussing, and she took the time to listen, help me calm down with breathing and gave me some tips on being able to calm myself in the future. As for the technical glitches, the TranQool tech department had a personal call with me to figure out why I was having problems connecting. They were also super great and now I don't have any issues connecting to TranQool sessions.

I have been to in-person therapy sessions before with a few different counsellors but this time I stuck with it.

I would absolutely recommend TranQool to anyone who needs help from a counsellor. People need to know about TranQool because it really works. They also need to know that there is an alternative to having to go to a counsellor's office; that help is available from a computer right in your own home.