Anna's letter to TranQool

As promised I will do my best to share some of the amazing feedback we get with you. Here is parts of Anna's letter to us:

"TranQool provides an easily accessible way to talk through issues with trained professionals."

Talking with a TranQool therapist has made a big change in the way that I'm coping with life circumstances. Autoimmune diseases, career/location changes, and heartbreak had me feeling quite hopeless over the past year and a half. Finding TranQool in July has made a difference in the way that I view life. The therapist encouraged me to question negative thoughts. For example, asking myself "is it true?" helps when I have thoughts such as: "my health problems will prevent me from having the future that I want." Having a more balanced perspective and thinking: "Maybe I'll find better ways to treat my physical health problems" leaves me feeling more hopeful.

The sessions are significantly cheaper than other mental health services, and because of this, my health benefits have gone much further than they would have elsewhere. TranQool provides an easily accessible way to talk through issues with trained professionals.

While friends usually have the best intentions when giving advice, the advice of someone with a psychology or social work degree is based on a thorough understanding of how to talk to someone experiencing mental stress. In general, I've been feeling happier on a daily basis - though I'm still attending TranQool sessions a couple times a month and trying to mindfully stop my thoughts from spiralling. My therapist says that happy times are the best times to build mental strength and positive habits. -Anna