A Letter to TranQool from Chantel

After reading an article by the Huffington Post about high functioning depression, I realized what had been halting my journey to mental wellness.

I have what some would call "high functioning depression". To the general population, I look like I am functioning "well" in society - I wake up in the morning and go to class, I have a job, I have friends and maintain my relationships.

However, my close family and friends know the darkness that looms over my head when I get out of bed each morning.

High functioning depression is not better or worse than depression that directly impedes every day action - it is simply different.

When I go visit my doctor I'm often told I'm doing well because I smile and laugh as we chat about my mental health, making conversation and sharing stories of the weeks since I've seen him last. The issue with all of this is that he doesn't get to see me curled in bed for three days crying my eyes out... he doesn't see when I can't leave the house because of my crippling anxiety and he doesn't see when I can't speak for fear that everyone hates me.

When I share these instances, they get brushed off as "bad days" or "one-offs" and often I don't feel that I'm taken seriously.

We need to talk about high functioning depression because many people suffer in silence and while it has taken me many different tries to get the help I need, TranQool has finally been able to offer me the therapy that has saved my life.

If you, or someone you know, has high functioning depression, don't be ashamed and feel that you need to hide. Get the help you need and try TranQool NOW!