5 Tips to Avoid Feeling Lonely over the Holidays

While the holidays should be a time of food, fun, and happiness, spending it alone can be rather difficult. Being far from loved ones around this time of year can make it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. It is very easy to feel isolated. The following 5 tips can help you avoid feeling lonely over the holidays:

1. Reach out to others

Attend a holiday celebration even if it is not with your own family. Call a friend, or even a co-worker to spend the day shopping for gifts or going ice-skating. It may be particularly helpful to connect with friends and family who are also feeling lonely this holiday season. Having another person who truly understands your feelings can help you to avoid feeling lonely. One cool idea is to seek out community or religious events, allowing the opportunity to create new connections and broaden your friendships.

2. Volunteer

Spend a day or even a couple of hours volunteering this will get you out of the house and around other people. Whether it is at a soup kitchen, organizing toys, or at a local place of worship, the act of helping others will leave you feeling fulfilled and happy. Volunteering will allow you to meet new people, spread kindness and happiness, and avoid feeling lonely. You will likely end up being exceptionally appreciative how fortunate you truly are.

3. Be grateful

Maintain a gratitude journal. This can be as simple as writing a list of things that you are thankful each day. By recognizing the the positives in your life you can avoid focusing on the negatives. Plus, by having a written record of all the things you value in your life you have something to life you up anytime you are feeling down or lonely.

4. Take a break from social media

Social media, especially during the holidays, can cause a significant amount of unnecessary stress. We often feel pressured to have as amazing of a holiday season as all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These comparisons lead us into a downward spiral of negative feelings. If you find yourself becoming upset, limit your use or stop using social media altogether during the holidays. It will really help you avoid feeling lonely and you’ll probably enjoy yourself much more if your phone isn’t glued to your hand!

5. Treat yourself

Treating yourself to something nice can help you feel better and enjoy your alone time. Take a bubble bath, curl up by the fire with a good book, or splurge on that item you’ve been eyeing for the past few months. One fun way to treat yourself is to learn something new; putting your energy into a new hobby will be healthy and fun! While these tips might help you avoid feeling lonely during the holidays, it is important to be aware of the presence these feelings in your everyday life. Therapy will not only help you cope with extreme feelings of loneliness, but help you find the root of the problem. Booking a session with TranQool is a great first step.