5 Nights Out in Toronto - Anxiety Free

For young adults and teenagers such as myself, anxiety can strike at any given moment. Especially when you least want it to, when you are with friends, at a club, shopping or at a concert.

Sure, who doesn't enjoy a night out on the town with your best girlfriends! But sometimes finding something fun to do at night is challenging for individuals suffering from anxiety disorders.

Especially because, the consumption of alcohol may induce anxious feelings, stress and even panic attacks. Making the planned night out with friends into a worrisome event for fear of the big bad monster (also known as anxiety) to attack.

So here are 5 fun, cheap (even free) alternatives to spending a night out drinking at the bar. And trust me... just as fun!

1. Friday Night Colouring (TGIF)!

The gladstone hotel features an event every Friday night that is completely and one hundred percent FREE! 

They  also supply the colours, tunes and colouring pages. All you have to bring is yourself and your friends for a great evening out.

Adult colouring is a new and up and coming fad, its also a great way to de-stress and alleviate anxiety.

2. Free Outdoor Movie Night

Pack some snacks, drinks, a blanket and bring your friends along to watch a movie under the stars. Visit the Toronto Harbourfront Centre every Wednesday to watch great flicks and enjoy the beautiful summer. They have a full list of the movies they will be playing on the Harbourfront website and on August 31st the audience gets to choose!

Can't make it to a free flick midweek? There's also the Christie Pits film festival going on this summer every Sunday showing FREE mostly Canadian movies with some interesting story lines!

A free movie? Yes please.

3. Sporty Night Out With The Toronto Blue Jays

If you are a sports lover or not, a Blue Jays game is the perfect way to enjoy downtown Toronto and all that it has to offer!

If you're coming for the food, friends and the fun atmosphere of watching a ball game live, you can get some cheap tickets.

4. A Visit To the Brickworks

Brickworks combines good food, farmers markets, hiking and beautiful scenery all in one.

Why not come here to track down a yummy food truck and then go for a nice walk afterwards to burn it off.

Being around nature is good for you! In fact, research shows that being surrounded by nature helps us not only mentally but physically as well. Decreasing feelings of pain, fear, stress and anxiety as well as reducing blood pressure and heart rate.

5. Toronto Centre Island

The island is a great way to spend an evening exploring in Toronto. Take a ferry down and enjoy the views (its very affordable, student ticket prices go for $5 there and back!).

Why not rent a bike, go for a stroll, visit the nude beach, enjoy the food and don't forget to visit the petting zoo before you leave!

Did you know that simply petting an animal can increase levels of oxytocin in the blood and decrease cortisol (that ugly thing that regulates stress). Not to mention that you're surrounded by nature and Centre Island offers the best views of Toronto's skyline!