5 Great Mental Health Podcasts

I love talking to people about mental health. It seems like an uncomfortable topic, but each person I have the privilege of speaking with has a unique experience in dealing with a wide array of symptoms. I come away from each conversation feeling so enriched to have gained a new perspective. This feeling can come from talking with someone who is having trouble caring for a friend who is struggling with something I've dealt with. This gives me the opportunity to share what has worked for me and potentially help someone. Other times, I get to learn from others. Since mental health is still very much a changing and growing field of knowledge, having many different angles on an issue is something I find very useful. With that in mind, podcasts can be a great resource to gain a different perspective. There are some great ones out there, each with their own specialty. Here are five mental health podcasts, I hope one of these will speak to you.

1. All in the Mind - BBC Radio 4

This is a mental health podcast that I love. Exploring new possibilities and discovering new capabilities can be so encouraging and uplifting. This podcast also explores some general-interest news items in the field of psychology, neuroscience, and mental health.

2. Everybody Blurts - The Blurt Foundation

This podcast only has six episodes so far, but it's full of helpful tips for symptom management. There are episodes dealing with sleep, food, and an interesting tool called "emotional first aid". Beyond the podcast, the Blurt Foundation website has other great resources for dealing with depression.

3. Mental Illness Happy Hour

For those who find it helpful to hear from others who are experiencing similar struggles, this one is for you. This podcast comes in the format of an hour-long conversation with the host, and a guest who shares their personal stories. A quick scroll through the list of episodes shows that no matter what you may be struggling with, someone else has dealt with it successfully.

4. The Anxiety Shut In Hour

This podcast is, frankly, pretty hilarious. It's also very raw. The two hosts, Anna and Erin, have excellent chemistry which yields a vulnerability and honesty that is hard to find in other podcasts. I particularly love Episode 5, which is on the topic of "knowing the lingo". Educating myself about my illness was and is something I have grown very passionate about. Being able to articulate what I was dealing with made a significant impact on the way I was perceived by my friends and family, and ultimately improved my road to recovery. Anyone just starting out on a journey with mental health might find that episode to be helpful.

5. Headspace

This doesn't quite make the category of mental health podcasts, per se, but it is something that I have found personally quite helpful for a number of years now, so I've included it here. The app is free to download, and comes with 10 trial episodes - which are a phenomenal introduction to meditation. Beyond that, a subscription comes with meditation series  dealing specifically with various issues - everything from stress to depression to anger. I've found it very helpful for on-the-go symptom management, a fire extinguisher of sorts for when I feel disaster about to strike. I hope you find it helpful as well. I hope you enjoy these mental health podcasts and find value in listening to each of them!