4 Therapists Share Why They Joined TranQool

Dana Kendal 
Registered Social Worker MSW, RSW
20+ Years of Experience 

Initially I viewed TranQool as a way to augment my private practice but it has grown to become a key aspect of my practice. When I began, I was open to the concept of online therapy but I was a apprehensive. I thought it may not be able to provide the same personal touch as in person therapy. I have, however, been able to develop very strong client-therapist relationships with my TranQool clients. 

There are two main reasons I have continued with the TranQool platform. Not only has the team been great to work with but I also have developed an interesting niche of clients on TranQool. These clients are very different from those I would see in person. This is, in part, due to the accessibility of the platform. Specifically for my clients with social anxiety it is important that they are able to reach me from their comfort zone. Overall, the anxiety part of my practice has really grown due to TranQool. 

Gita Canaran 
15-20+ Years of Experience 

I first joined TranQool because I really believed in their mandate: to bring therapy to people from the comfort of their home in a timely manner.  Addionally, it was an opportunity to potentially reach people in under serviced or remote areas who wouldn't normally be able to access therapy. While I did have some concerns going in about my ability to establish rapport online I have been pleasantly surprised that it seems easier than in person. Since my clients are having their session from a space where they are already comfortable, we establish that connection earlier. The clients I see on TranQool are a pleasure to work with and are incredibly motivated. 

TranQool has been able to eliminate cancellations due to weather or illness and eliminated much of my overhead for administrative tasks such as referrals and scheduling. Instead I am able to focus on the therapy itself which is what I prefer to do. It has provided such a convenient and robust platform that I have reduced my work in a more traditional office space. 

Jae Kim 
Registered Social Worker MSW, RSW
3-5+ Years of Experience 

The key reason I decided to join TranQool was because of how accessible the platform is. I have found that in many communities, like the Korean community, there is significant stigma surrounding mental health. Being from the Korean community myself and Korean being my first language, I saw it as an opportunity to reach these new immigrant communities. People who may not necessarily feel comfortable going to a mental health clinic can privately access care from their homes with TranQool. Additionally, clients who do not have access to a therapist who speaks their language in their area can access care through TranQool. 

I have found that TranQool has made it easier for people to book and have their first few sessions. By taking the process online, they have eliminated a lot of stressors for my clients with anxiety. This is particularly true for the adolescents and young adults I see who are generally more comfortable online. TranQool has been able to eliminate a lot of barriers for my clients like the need to be in close physical proximity to my office. 

Jen Gottesman 
Registered Social Worker MSW, RSW
10-15+ Years of Experience 

When joining TranQool I knew providing counselling online would be different than in person therapy but was not sure what aspects would change. For the most part, my clients on TranQool have been different from those I would see in my private practice, based on the issues and challenges with which they present. As a result I have been able to expand my skill set and broaden the way I think. 

On TranQool I see a lot of moms who are busy with their children through the day and cannot see a therapist until their kids are in bed, as well as working professionals who are only able to attend 'after hours' appointments. TranQool has also enabled me to reach those who are depressed and cannot leave home to access support. TranQool has allowed me to expand my reach in terms of the demographics of my clients and the challenges they are facing. TranQool has also provided me with flexibility that is not often available in an office and behind a desk, in terms of the time at which I can schedule appointments and my office location. 


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