4 Apps to Help Anxiety

Getting help for your anxiety while you are away at school isn't always easy. Thats why I have compiled a list of apps you can get on your smartphone that have most definitely helped me through my anxious and stressful times.

Try out these apps to help anxiety and see how much better you feel!

1. Relax Melodies

This is for all my anxious friends who have too many things on their mind. This app has helped me fall asleep all those nights I couldn't calm my mind down. It lets you choose from a variety of sounds (from rain on a roof to campfires) and allows you to combine your favourite ones. Just choose your favourites, set the timer and fall asleep to the sound effects that relax you instantly!

2. Breathe

This app is definitely one of my go-to's when I am feeling anxious, stressed, or panicked and can't calm myself down. It has a great list of meditations you can choose from with a wide variety of categories and different skills to work on. It includes a timer and keeps track of your progress. It's not easy to meditate on your own but this app makes it easier by guiding you through the process!

3. SAM- Self-help for Anxiety Management

This app has a wonderful layout, it provides external help links, self monitoring for your anxiety and daily stresses, and an anxiety toolkit. I love it for its simple user interface. It shows the exact times and descriptions of each program you can choose from. From a 5-minute calm breathing exercise to a 10-minute tense-and-relax exercise, you can definitely find something to help you once your anxiety hits!

4. MindShift

This app helps you face your anxiety rather than hide from it. Dealing with anxiety, you can be affected in several ways. From struggling to fall asleep, to rollercoasters of emotions, to panic attacks and more. This app helps me relax with the relaxation exercises, the realistic thinking checklist, and the section for perfectionists, like myself! Theres nothing to lose with this app. You smartphone can be your best friend when it comes to your anxiety. Check out these apps to help anxiety and let us know what you think in the comments!