3 Tips For Dealing With Post Election Stress

CBT teaches us that stress, anxiety, and depression are made worse by dwelling on the past or catastrophizing the future. In moments following the election many people have opened up about the anxiety they are feeling with respect to the future. In order to help you cope with this post election stress, anxiety, and depression we have 3 tips for you.

1) Acknowledge

You cannot live a world of what-ifs, this type of thinking leaves you stuck in the past. When you refuse to acknowledge what has occurred you are left wondering about things that could have been, yet never will be. CBT tells you that in order to deal with the present you must acknowledge the current situation. Refrain from using phrases like "I am shocked" and acknowledge where you in this moment and you will see your post election stress reduce!

2) Accept

Accepting the current situation may be difficult if it is not what you were hoping for or expected. The majority of your post election stress is stemming from this struggle to accept what has occurred. Without acceptance, however, you will be left bitter, angry, and will be unable to focus on the present. You can use some mindfulness techniques to bring yourself back to the present moment.

3) Move Forward

Moving forward may seem impossible to you when you only see a dark road ahead but doing so will help you to live in the present moment. Worrying about the future is unproductive and is only contributing to your post election stress, instead try to focus on the present moment and take each day as it comes. The world has not come to an end and tomorrow will be a new day. Enjoy each day and live in the present moment, you will deal with tomorrow when it comes.